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Status: Completed

My household has multiple Quest 2 devices. We use casting to Chromecast devices all the time. I personally use it to stream my Quest gameplay on Twitch and Facebook Live and have evangelized at least ten headset sales this way. My kids also use it to show off VR when their friends come over.

Your alternative solutions of casting to a mobile device or browser aren't good enough. This change has severely impacted our user experiences in a very negative way. We will not spend another dime on your platform or recommend your products unless this feature comes back.


@Ryanality Thank you very much for activating it. I understand it is not supported, yet I love that feature!

Amazing. Loving it.


The thought process behind disabling Chromecast or disabling the fast switch between stationary and room scale in Quest shows that the managers in charge don't have the slightest idea how Quest is used in reality. 

I used to be the advocate of Quest and VR in my social circles, but now I'm reluctant to recommend Quest.


@Ryanality ... When is the chromecast restoration supposed roll out ???? 2 Weeks later and the option is STILL missing from my Quest 2 and Quest 3 ... despite updates and restarts. This is BEYOND infuriating.


@VRPlayer01 I just re-installed a Chromecast and been updating the quest 3 with the app update. 

it’s working again, I saw it as a casting option. And I didn’t have to restart/reset my quest 3 


I still don't see it::(

Retired Support

@VRPlayer01, the software for that should already be out for everyone. If you're not seeing Chromecast, it could be due to something else. It sounds like you've done most of the usual tricks to make sure you've got the right version. Any chance your headset is on a different network from your Chromecast or maybe some network setting is causing them to not see each other? 

You might want to kick off a support ticket to look into this, as you should already have the software you need for Chromecast to be working. But I'll check in with the team on this just to make sure I'm not missing anything.


@Ryanality .. thanks for the prompt reply. I'll go back and double check everything, but the chromecasts and the headsets are definitely all on the same network etc. I even took the Quest 3 to a friends place yesterday and it wouldn't recognise their chromecast devices either despite being on the same network. I had to cast to the app and mirror to the TV which is a VASTLY poorer experience.

I never had any problems with this before it was removed. I'll re-check then open a ticket. Thanks again.


yup. its back.

Honored Guest

@VRPlayer01  you have to reset to factory defaults. There is only way if you still have problems casting Chromecast even with latest updates. All unsaved data will be lost.


@Ryanality same thing for me. I'm certain I'm on the same network. It's not working like it did before, there is no option to select my Chromecast device it just goes straight to my phone.