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Level 3
Status: New Idea

I think an app that would be useful as either a feature add on or on it's own would be one that opens / invites others you choose to join in various real-world activities you're up for.  One of the roadblocks to people hanging out is the pre-planning it takes to get a group together to go to a movie, coffee or drink.  The app would allow a user to mark the activities they're interested in, the time period they're available for, and the friends they have that they would like to potentially hang out with.  Only friends on that list would see the friend availability, which removes the "hurt feelings" roadblock of certain individuals not being invited (sometimes your watch a movie with friends aren't the same as your go-for-a-drink friends).

Users could either search who's up for a real-world meet-up in their friend group, or the system would ping them with a hang-out match if they and another friend are both interested in the same activity, ie - Friday at 8pm, you and Doug both want to go to the movies.  Go ahead and connect.

The intention of the app is to remove as many barriers as possible to make real-world connections.  It's a passive way to become active.