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Status: New Idea

As of now,  this game is a "do what your told and throw it here". The interaction between QB and the OC is great,  but you do forfeit the management of the game.  2nd and goal to go on running flats. In real life,  that ain't happening.  I would love to see more control over the play calls,  or at least do this:

Prior to the game,  you have options of what game plan your going to have.  Is it run heavy? Or pass heavy? You now put more control of the plays being called.  Defensively,  I would love to be able to call the D as well. 

So many possibilities in my head right now.. lol.  Love the game,  but right now it's like a baby deer on ice.  Lot of bugs and so much potential.  Glove controllers would also be cool.