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Level 9
Status: New Idea

 In addition to "block person" would be useful to have "split reality" function. If personA is in the same vr room/session with personB and do not want to interact with personB (bad behavior or other considerations) she could "split reality" so personA will not hear/see avatar/see actions/object movement/object creation/writings of personB and will not allow personB to see/hear/send any data from personA same way (and no direct data from IP). That way personA and personB will be in different realities in the same multiplayer room/session. PersonA could select if it would be permanent or for this session/for a day/week/month/year/...


 It could work like now "personal display/options display" implemented. So you will see that display but no other in the multiplayer room will see yours.

 If there are personC in the same room she will see and hear both personA and personB (avatar/voice/actions/object creation/object movement). If personB moves an object it will duplicate for personC (one copy of moved object for each personA/personB actions). PersonC could open users list and see highlights for users in split realities. So she could choose to split reality also (with personB or personA). That way personC will continue to be at the same reality as personA or personB. If all users will choose to split then new room/session could be created and all users from the same reality will move there.


 If personA and personB are in a game session and they are active players (not just observing) that will end game session. But for social rooms or game lobbies session will continue.


 It is symmetrical action (in opposite to more aggressive "block" function). We do not know who is bad or good personA or personB (or both are good, but have different point of view). So with symmetrical split there will be less moderation (no need to decide who was bad and was good).


 And it is essential that personB will not see or hear personA also, because personB could continue to insult personA (or do bad actions to personA avatar) for other users to see.

 If there would be service to provide "split lists" it could be distibuted to other services like messengers and social networks. It will help those people under psychological attack (attack could continue in other services otherwise).


  Also... this function is an option. Some people will prefer to learn how to stand this attacks and be ok (there could be links to educational curses to help learn it). There is no need to "split" with all persons you do not like. So it is not same as "block/report" functions (intended to keep community free of bad behavior).


 It would nice to have visual and audio feedback so all users in the room will know that there was a "reality split" between those two persons.