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Status: New Idea

Well I've done a bit of googling on this. I have found that the option to remove titles, ie demos or free tiles from the library has been asked for years. The earliest request I found was from 2017. So I believe the just don't want to let us.  I guess it's a numbers game, you see if you keep accidentally keep installing the title, it looks like it's been downloaded many times.

If anyone else has ideas why they keep refusing to add this function please comment.

To me is an easy addition. Don't even have to change any firmware.  Just give me a webpage I can do it on.  


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I haven't seen a post on this for a while now and I just want to remind the Devs at Oculus (or meta now) that there's still lots of people that want a feature to completely remove games from there library. I'm not a Dev but surely with the amount of money Oculus has, they should be able to let you remove a game or app completely from your library.


They decided years ago to ignore this request.

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Or at least hide that apps, or always use "installed" category as default when exiting from an app.


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There must be a reason, but the only one I can think of is...

'Why wouldn't you want to see all the demos, free apps and all the other crap you've installed in the past that you will never use again in your library by default?'


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So carzy it is not possible to get rid of deleted apps. Even the view auto switches to ALL, making me always see the unistalled apps too.


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The easiest option I have found is to install pi launcher and set it to load on startup. This allows custom groups and a hidden group for stuff you don't want to see. Then when you turn on you can be faced with a window of your games or a window off your apps depending on what you prefer to see first. No more demos. Also allows you to rename games how you please

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Thanks,  will look into hacking the device since Meta ignores this simplest of all requests for over 2 years now. I hope everybody starts hacking the device. (I'm calling installing Pi launcher "hacking" to add some dramatic effect.) Listen Meta, this is what you wanted. Not what I wanted. YOU want me to hack the device because of my ocd. You honestly left me with no choice. Either add this option or find a cure for OCD. 

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I think this is a must. We try a variety of apps and some of them are **bleep**ty af and nobody wants to keep **bleep**ty apps in the library.

You wouldn't keep a **bleep**ty music CD in your collection just because you got it at a Christmas exchange would you?

Please give users the freedom to CHOOSE what to keep in THEIR inventory. This is common sense.