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Status: New Idea

Marvel Powers United VR was a very interesting situation for VR. For those of you who don't know what Marvel Powers United VR is, it was a VR game where you could do missions as characters from Marvel from Thor to Star Lord to Spiderman, and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, eventually it got a bit of repetitive so the reviews dropped quite significantly. However, instead of adding more content, characters, and listening to suggestions, they shut down the game entirely. Marvel Powers United VR had so much potential but crashed straight into the ground. This is why Marvel Powers United VR should get a reboot, add more characters like iron man, ghost rider, and venom, and maybe even make some popular villains like Doc Ock and Thanos playable. Marvel Powers United VR should also add more missions, make it able to face off against friends, and make new and larger maps. These are just a few ideas that could've made Marvel Powers United VR not have to shut down.

(Please Like so this can get to the Higher Ups and Maybe the Dream of a Good Reboot will Come True)

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Level 2

I think the fact that this was a pack in game with a AAA budget for the Rift. People bought this  and they just pulled. That is a crime. It was a flagship game for the Rift. There should be a stand alone version that you can still play. Can anyone shed some light on it. Is it possible to resurrect it in some form?