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Status: New Idea

Every single time I close any app, the dashboard shows a list of 'Recently Met' players over the closing dash for that app.

It might make sense if players I recently met within a multiplayer app show up on the dash when I go to close that specific app, but it makes no sense at all to show a list of the last 5 random people I met in a different app every single time I close an app.

For example, why would I want to see a list of players I recently met in VR Chat or Contractors on the closing dash for the YouTube app? It just makes no sense.

Honestly my #1 gripe with using Quest is the consistent lack of attention to detail in the software. It's so messy.



If I could give you 100 votes I would.

This is absolutely terrible. It has ruined my experience using a Quest 3 and is enough for me to go from recommending it to just about everyone I know to passionately warning everyone in person and online to avoid Meta. If this kind of thing can't be disabled they have cheapened the device to the point of being garbage. Buy a PCVR standalone device, the Bigscreen headset, whatever, just don't buy a Quest 3. Do not support a company that forces this kind of experience on their users. It's invasive, it's manipulative, it's distracting, it's just downright unsettling. I thought there might be enough of a separation between Facebook and the VR wing, but I should have listened to my suspicions. 

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I absolutely hate the inability to remove recently met. It appears on a number of apps I open. Terrible.



Agreed this is really really annoying and seems to me to be a huge bug as I’m getting constantly notified about ‘people I’ve met’ despite most on the list being a few weeks ago and they are not people I’ve met, they are people who were around.

I really hope this is fixed soon as it’s spoiling my Quest experience massively.

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Yes very annoying as it blocks the bottom toolbar until it disappears.


OGM I'm getting this on Virtual Desktop as well.   Is it a bug or a new "feature" it's showing up on apps that doesn't have any sort of multiplayer/social features?

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This just started happening to me after trying out Wooorlds. It's terrible and needs to be able to be turned off. I hate it so much. Makes me want to stop using my Quest.


Seems to have been fixed now in v59 & v60!

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@oursoul If it's been "fixed" I don't see it. I still have to go and manually block people to remove that screen. Which seems antithetical to what they aim to accomplish with that "feature".


It apeared for me in Virtual Desktop also. Annoying "feature" indeed.


I am not sure if any of the developers Meta even look at these but they're absolutely should be the option Available Turn off recently viewed or recent People. you don't see this on any other platform so why here. I would almost rather go back to the PSVR2 because you only see what you want to see, a game or app, no advertisements. you would think that spending $650 would be enough but come on. We didn't buy a quest as an advertising device, so put them somewhere else, and also when I say I don't want my info leaked out, quit "selling" my info to third party people who I have absolutely have no interest in what so ever.