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Status: New Idea
1. When you enable PASSTHROUGH using a link cable and playing a PC VR game, you get a full vision 'Quest Link' dialog box that overlays the real world, making passthrough utterly pointless.
Screenshot 2024-02-22 052411.png
2. When you are in PASSTHROUGH using a link cable and playing a PC VR game, despite having hand tracking enabled in the Settings of the Quest 3, hand tracking does not work so you can't interact with this annoying and pointless dialog, meaning you have to resort to grabbing a controller.
3. You can minimise this annoying and pointless dialog, but when  you switch back to the game and then back to PASSTHROUGH the dialog is again, maximised in full vision obscuring the real world and the entire point of passthrough.
4. Often when you go into PASSTHROUGH the headset orientation has changed from what it is 'in game' in the PC VR game, so you have to again, pick up a controller (because the hand tracking doesn't work despite being enabled in the Settings) and then recentre the view.
Below is a screen grab from the video I recorded (video is 91MB) that shows the utterly pointless and annoying dialog that appears whenever you double-tap the strap from a PC VR game and go into PASSTHROUGH. 
It doesn't recognise any hand tracking and there is no way to permanently remove or hide it or even make it a tiny little floating control. It's a full screen, virtually empty and stupid box that obscures the 'real world' and utterly defeats the point of PASSTHROUGH.