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Give us an option to rent games for a few days or more demos. I just can’t justify paying 20-40$ for a game I “might” like. Demo would be great, but renting can be an option too if it’s priced right, it would still give money to oculus and the developers. Plus more reviews because the game would be played more.
Actually, renting games is a great idea. Just like with Google Play Movies. They could charge $2- $8 to download a game for 48 hrs, then it deletes itself.
This is stupid. No online gaming service has this feature and no successful one will in the nearfuture. Even Stadia doesn't have a rent option. Asking for demons is one thing and renting is another. Just in the news yesterday I read that a game rental service was shutting down the renting and is going into sales of games instead. RedBox was the one IIRC. Many other game rental services have also shutdown in the past. And we can't have a subscription service either because Quest doesn't have a big enough library yet