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Status: New Idea
  • I've come to find out that there are eBay sellers buying up the new controllers here, as soon as they are available, for $69 just to flip them on eBay for twice the price... & seeing how so many people are desperate for a replacement, these eBay sellers have the upper hand. Please🙏 consider SOMEHOW limiting the purchase of replacements.. like maybe to only registered users.. or a way to only be able to pair them through the Oculus company .. or idk maybe someone else has ideas. But it's a shame how these eBay sellers do nothing but take full advantage. 


(I don't understand how Oculus/Meta is such a huge 39 billion dollar,  company but can't keep up with the supply & demand of replacement parts. I'm curious as to how accurately these were tested for vigorous use? I'm an avid Beat Saber player, and mine worked perfectly until I started getting up to Expert/Expert+. Now I'm finding I have more & more tracking issues)

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I haven't been able to play games because my xy and B button don't work can't buy replacement controllers because they haven't had any for sale for over 9 months. This is a huge problem. Only way to buy new controllers is to drop 400$ for new bundle its so sad