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Hi there


I have a idea, so if someone sends you a long voice message on whatsapp, what if we reply in real time talking back and answering all the stuff that was said in the long voice message while we listen to the voice message, and when we’re done listening to it, you can sent your reply, cause I always forget what I wanted to reply to, and while listening to the voice message I always speak out loud, so if that can be recorder and sent back, that will be great? What do you think?

Honored Guest

Introducing real-time voice messaging during playback might create a complex user experience. Fm whatsapp Users would need to manage both listening to the incoming message and formulating their response simultaneously. It may add cognitive load and potentially make the conversation less efficient.

Honored Guest

Implementing real-time voice messaging during playback could introduce a challenging user experience. WhatsApp 2024 users might find it demanding to juggle between listening to incoming messages and crafting their responses concurrently. This could increase cognitive load and potentially lead to less efficient conversations.