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Heroic Explorer
Status: New Idea

I have a small house so space is a premium.  In our little living room we have an alcove / bay window that you can walk in and the room setup usually doesn't detect it.  What it does is put a wall infront of the alcove, and when I walk into the bay it says that I have moved into a new room.  Ultimately, well over three quarters of this 'wall', that is generated in front of the alcove is space. 

I notice that if the wall room setup generates is broken, I can add more walls and this allowed me map out the bay alcove.

Is there a way to 'break' the walls? Or to map out the walls manually?

Also, although the alcove starts at the ground, it doesn't quite reach the ceiling.  It would be good if we could map vertical planes so changes in ceiling height could also be mapped.