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The Quest 3 does an impressive job of scanning rooms. It allows me to add furniture, doors, and windows, enabling games to use this data for mixed reality experiences. If I turn it on the furniture even appears in full immersion when I’m close, acting as an additional safety feature alongside the boundary. This way, I can avoid bumping into things as I can see both my boundary and my furniture in immersive mode.

However, there are some areas where I believe improvements could be made. The main issue is the lack of customization. When I aim at the floor, I can draw a 3D rectangle and designate it as a table, storage, or a few other things. But when I aim at a wall, I can only draw windows and doors on a 2D plane. This becomes a problem when I have a shelf mounted on my wall, as I can’t draw it due to the restriction of only being able to draw 2D objects on walls.

Another limitation is that I can’t draw anything on the ceiling, neither 3D nor 2D. This often results in me punching my lamp when in immersive mode, because even though I have “show furniture in immersive mode” enabled, I can’t draw a lamp on the ceiling.

Lastly, while the Quest does a great job recognizing walls, it struggles with diagonal ceilings. I would love to see a feature that recognizes diagonal ceilings or allows me to manually adjust them if needed. Additionally, it would be beneficial to have the ability to draw 3D objects on walls or the ceiling.

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Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there @Cuboluss, I see you have some ideas that could be good implementation for the Quest 3 headsets. Since I do think you made some good points in your post, I'll go ahead and move this over to the Ideas Forums so that you can get better visibly on this thread.

In the Ideas Board, if you get a good amount of traction on your thread from the community, an engineer can notice it and implement the ideas you have.

You made some good points and I hope others join in on this thread too!