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I move stuff around by accident so often, and there is several solutions to this, but one I would very much like to see, is being able to save your home and making it so that changes are not saved continuously / automatically. The "undo/redo" system is very nice to have... but its really not a solution to this problem. Would of course also be nice to be able to lock / freeze objects so they cannot be moved around individually, or maybe lock all... old objects? So that you can only move around the new things you are adding this session. As an option of course. Also being able to have more than one Home would be really nice. Not sure how many should be possible to have, but maybe it could be based on whether its private or public. Possibly make some homes offline so that they are only stored locally?
This function would be excellent since I suspect a lot of us totally messed up the original environment that you guys so kindly provided.
Yes, please! I just had ALL of the items in my Home vanish, and I had spent countless hours decorating it. I'm not sure if it was a glitch or if I accidentally hit a button while the pointer was moving across "Clear Home" (in which case there REALLY should be a confirmation dialogue), but either way, my Home is now empty. If there was a way to Save and Restore our Homes, it could prevent disasters such as this.