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Level 3
Status: New Idea

You should make the secondary account castable to the tv or phone. I would love to see how my wife and kids are doing on their games. 

Level 2

Absolutely!  I’m baffled as to why secondary accounts would be restricted from casting?  Seems simple enough to connect at the device level and view what the current user is doing.

Level 3

Totally agree! Ofcourse I want to be able to see my kid play and be able to help him.

Level 3

Please update this feature so family's can enjoy the experience together no matter who is playing 

Level 2

Please, Meta God allow this before my husband loses his mind trying to make a snake have legs. PLEASE!!  He allowed me to go first and set up our quest 2 and now he complains constantly that he doesn’t have admin rights and can’t cast his games to the TV. This NEEDS to be fixed!! 

Level 2

I need to be able to cast from the secondary account. I bought a second Oculus Quest 2, to play multiplayer games with my family. They do not have the ability to be their own admin accounts because:
-They are below 18
-They have no smart phone
-They have no Facebook/Meta account
-My family often breaks tech (including the BIOS) without being able to explain how they did that.

So I added my family as a second user on my account, and shared apps.
-My family cannot read
-My family cannot describe, accurately, what they see
-I am the admin/troubleshooter/tech for my entire family
-My family typically is less technical
-My family typically need accessibility features.

I regularly need to read the quests to my family in game. I regularly need to troubleshoot for my family.

So, I request that I am able to cast from the secondary account on my Oculus Quest 2.

If I buy a phone, get a new email, new meta/FB account, I will lose my son's characters and in-game progress for Zenith. This game is tied to the Oculus.

Level 2

This policy prohibits parents, who buy extra headsets for their children, from helping their children navigate the world of VR.

This policy prohibits regular tech users from helping their less-technically-inclined, elder(60's) family members, to navigate the new world of VR.

This policy prohibits the 1:1 assisting of the accessibility crowd. 

This is a barrier to adoption of the metaverse for these categories.

I request that this policy is changed, please.