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I have done a lots of trial and errors on configuring the living room, which is a small but long one and it was a true hassle to scan it. The defining of the walls are sometimes really wrong and changing that isn't easy. AFterwards you can't make any changes to the walls without rescanning the room again. Also defining furniture: it's useless to define plants or lamps but there's no option for closets? And if I go to another room I see I need to rescan everything of the miving room again.

Here are some ideas.

1/ Room configuration profiles; the ability to store, edit, load, unload, delete and export room configurations and make them interchangeable between headsets such as other quest 3's, quest pro, quest 2. Profiles are stored on headset (privacy). The Quest 3's room scan is available for older Quest 2 or Pro.

2/ The ability to edit the walls configuration separately from the room scan the quest 3's depth sensor makes.
Now I have to rescan everything if one thing went wrong with those walls. 

3/ Keep account with built-in wardrobes in a room with cavities in them. So having a possibility to subtract the walls or wardrobes' cavities in those walll definitions is a plus.

4/ Does the room scan has a certain maximum volume? Cause it ends before I have enven scanned the whole living room at all and it's not that big, actually.

5/ The given option to turn off the boundary in mixed reality with a warning message about it. 

6/ furniture definition of wardrobes and closets.

7/ les limitation of added furniture 

8/ defining the windows/doors: some are both e.g. a sliding door to the garden.

9/ larger boundaries

10/ last but not least: mirrors and glass (windows, glass doors) That and glass doors a hard one for the depth sensor as it concerns reflections. Maybe it can be recognized as such?


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Honored Guest

I agree we should be able to turn off boundaries in MR! It sucks that we can’t and the biggest size room I’m allowed is 25 x 25 ft