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Status: New Idea

To me the Pro controllers and regular controllers are usable for quite different things.

Pro controllers get used for rhythm games (as IMO the Quest 3 is completely unusable without them).  However, their battery life is much, much worse than the stock controllers.

Quest 3 stock controllers are usable for slow-paced activites and battery life is far, far better.

Would be nice if I could just pick up the desired type of controller when I need it.

Had to give up on a VR session as my pro controllers were dead, but the stock controllers would have been adequate for what I was doing then.

Unlike requests for multiple pairs of the same stock controllers, the pro controllers are (visually + IR) distinct from the stock controllers if paired with a Quest 2/3 and AFAIK handle all the tracking on the processors in the controllers themselves, so I think this seems easier to implement / more technically feasible.