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Expert Protege
Status: Unspecified
Please add software ipd adjust on top of the hardware solution to improve quality (stereo effect and chromatic aberration) for people that fall in between or slightly out of the 58/63/68mm of the hardware iPd adjustment. This way we would get a good enough hybrid of quest 1 and rift s in terms of adjustment :) Sadly there isn’t a quest 2 page on here yet, so I hope that this idea still finds a few people that vote on it 🙂
Expert Protege
Just thought about it that this solution would also be helpful for people who set the lenses between the three settings, reviewers already said that this is possible... of course this would be something online a small percentage of the users would do (maybe even with 3D printed spacers), but this way you could Service the hardcore audience too 🙂
Agree! Typing from Quest 2 right now, and I do feel that my eyes are strained with my current setting (#1). Come on Facebook! Give us some fine-tuning option for our IPD. You had done it before on the Rift S, and it shouldn't be a problem to implement on the Quest 2.
Honored Guest
I don't need this but I support it. Let people go into some Advanced Device settings set set their IPD. If they set something like 65 show a short animation of putting the lenses between setting 2 and 3. We all know you probably don't like us doing that but we're going to do it anyway. Your research said there was no appreciable difference between 3, 5, or 7 setting options but obviously your sample size was too small (and apparently included nobody with glasses prescription over -3).
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My IPD is 70 and only the center view is crisp. The further away from the center, the higher the chromatic aberration and blur. I cannot even read text and become dizzy after a view minutes. Please add software IPD adjustments. Otherwise this VR headset is unusable and subject for a return.
Honored Guest
Why are people like me who have larger heads with 70+ IPD abandoned and not allowed to enjoy our orders? Not focusing on the centre could potentially damage eyes. I prepared to invest a lot in the library. This ‘minor’ imperfection just reversed everything how I feel about Oculus.
Honored Guest
Please Oculus, I have 70+ IPD and I feel scammed right now.
Honored Guest
Yes please! 68mm is not enough.
I really think it's a good and doable idea (like in the Rift S). My Oculus Rift CV just broke 1 week ago. I had to replace it with a Rift S or a Quest 2 to enjoy my games (way more than 100 games in my Oculus library). I have a IPD >70mm, so Rift S isn't enough confortable for me. I have now a Quest 2 set on setting 3 and in fact i'm pretty happy with it but having a software ipd adjustement will improve a lot my experience. It's clear in the center of my view but the sides become blurry. Having a software IPD adjustement will also make you sell more Quest 2 (and have less return). I hope it's understandable (i speak french).
Honored Guest
Yes! And please remove the software fov restriction. When you move inbetween ipd from the last step, only 1 mm, the fov is cut by software. Why?
Honored Guest
Please fix this! My quest 1 looks better as is more comfortable