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Expert Protege
Status: Unspecified
Please add software ipd adjust on top of the hardware solution to improve quality (stereo effect and chromatic aberration) for people that fall in between or slightly out of the 58/63/68mm of the hardware iPd adjustment. This way we would get a good enough hybrid of quest 1 and rift s in terms of adjustment :) Sadly there isn’t a quest 2 page on here yet, so I hope that this idea still finds a few people that vote on it 🙂
Honored Guest

My IPD is 61mm and the Quest 2 is blurry on both #1 and #2 settings. I've tried everything to get it to be clear (even setting it between #1 and #2) but nothing has worked. It sucks that we can't set it to our individual IPD number. I'm missing out on the entire experience because it's just blurry all the time. I definitely feel like returning it if there is no solution to this problem. This experience is not worth $500 no matter how good the games are.


i agree my IPD is a little less then 58