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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Please add software ipd adjust on top of the hardware solution to improve quality (stereo effect and chromatic aberration) for people that fall in between or slightly out of the 58/63/68mm of the hardware iPd adjustment. This way we would get a good enough hybrid of quest 1 and rift s in terms of adjustment :) Sadly there isn’t a quest 2 page on here yet, so I hope that this idea still finds a few people that vote on it 🙂
Level 2
I would like to see an addition of a software setting for the Quest 2 also. My IPD is 72, I bought the Quest anyway because there was no other way for me to try it before hand. Really silly that this is limited to 68mm at the highest setting. Having a good experience with the product other than my vision having a very very narrow sweat spot (if you can even call it that), definitely a deal breaker.
Level 2
Mine IPD is 72 measured with a phone software, so I can’t really say how accurate it is. But I had no problems with Quest 1 at all and enjoyed using it very much. Still waiting for my Quest 2 delivery, but if the experience would be worse due to decreased IPD range and if there will be no software solution coming I will return it back for sure.
Level 2
IPD of 55 here, small female. I see others have posted the same.
Level 3
I have an IPD of 70. I am glad to see this suggestion and I very much hope it will be implemented (and I also hope they will give us better optics overall with the Quest 3). I love my Quest 1 and now that I "upgraded" to Quest 2 I couldn't believe it: Everything blurry except a very small sweet spot.
Not applicable
IPD 72.. 😞
Level 2
omg yes, my IPD is 68 however 3rd setting does little for me, things in +3m away from me get really blurry, please implement a way to set it right using software...
Level 2
For all 70 IPD users, I am a 69/71 ipd and i found a trick to get over 68mm , i just cut a rigid card slighly larger than the gap between the lenses ( like shopping cards for instance ) and place it between the two lenses to force the gap to be larger. i guess it's better for me as i have no longer trouble vision when i get off long VR sessions. Hope it will help, waiting for a real solution though ^^
Not applicable
Facebook please add that option, because for most of the users, quest 2 is unuseble
Level 2
Pretty much unusable for me, will return mine until fixed
Level 2
Increase IPD over 68 to at least 72 like Vive does. Increase FOV.