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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
Please add software ipd adjust on top of the hardware solution to improve quality (stereo effect and chromatic aberration) for people that fall in between or slightly out of the 58/63/68mm of the hardware iPd adjustment. This way we would get a good enough hybrid of quest 1 and rift s in terms of adjustment :) Sadly there isn’t a quest 2 page on here yet, so I hope that this idea still finds a few people that vote on it 🙂
Level 2
This is needed. I have IPD 60.5 don't feel comfortable on 58mm or 63mm setting.
Level 2
70mm ipd and having eye strain and blurry image 😞
Level 2
Facebook knew this was a problem from before the launch. Feels weird. I've purchased 2 of every device since the DK2. Now, the company has decided that my ipd is too much of an inconvenience, for profitability. 😞
Level 2
I am 6'9" have a huge head IDP of 76. The quest 2 is the best and worst headset I've ever had. Best for so many reasons and I've bought 3 of them (one was a gift) my first one had dead pixels and been emailing back and forth with oculus to get a replacement for over a month. They wanted serial numbers for everything even the boxes. Don't buy from oculus get from a store and if you have issues return it there.
Level 2
I'm 65 ipd. I'm using quest2 with a set of 63 and my eyes are too tired than when I use Oculus Go. I really want you to support the software method.
Level 2
hi guys, has anyone an idea how to help with ipd of 56? thanks
Level 2
My girlfriend has an ipd of 55 and can't use the quest 2 she is pretty upset about this. Hoping we get some support here for those that can't use the system comfortably
Level 2
Guys, you can adjust the ipd between the settings and the more you do it the easier they will become to slide in between.
Level 3
My IPD is just slightly above the max setting, so the image never looks quite as good as it should. Major bummer, but at least I'm lucky enough that it doesn't stop me from playing a whole bunch.
Level 2
68 is way too low for a max setting. I'm not a lizard or a giant, just a regular dude, my IPD is 71. There's big eye strain from using the Q2 so it's going back. I bet the the super restrictive IPD settings were the result of dumb decisions by marketing + management. There's no way an engineer would come up with something so stupid.