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Status: Completed

Lying Down mode was in version 53.0. People complained when it was removed. According to one Meta employee who has since refused to respond, Lying Down mode was going to be added back again soon after the developers worked on it some more ( But now it is version 62.0 and I have had my Quest 3 headset for 5 months, and this feature still hasn't been added back. Please give us honest, detailed answers and ETAs or progress reports concerning this matter. Thank you.










Yeah, I'm really excited too. Back in October 2023, when I first got my headset, I brought it over to my bed and tried to figure out the things I can do while lying down. But because the things were so limited, I haven't used it in bed in almost five months. It's going to be great to be able to use the headset from the bed instead of just my chair. I have some games that are too boring to play while sitting up in my chair. But if I'm already bored in bed, then it is a different story. I can just lie in bed and play them and recharge or eventually take the headset off and go to sleep. This way, I can finally finish a few games and uninstall them and free up some room. But not just the boring games. I can play the good ones lying in bed too. I'll be using my headset more. Oh man, too exciting. I'm glad I don't have to wait 1-6 years and it is finally coming to Quest 3.

Status changed to: Completed
Retired Support

Hi everyone, Meta Quest v64 is releasing today and it includes the settings for lying down for the Quest 3 (Quest 2 and Quest Pro received the capability already). 

The release takes a little time before it goes out to all headsets, but once you've got it, you can enable this feature by going to Experimental in Settings and selecting the toggle next to Use Apps While Lying Down.  

Once enabled, you can use this feature by laying down and then pressing and holding the menu button to reset your view. 


Update ur quest it’s there now lol ur a few versions behind


That guy is a bot or something. He just copied and pasted what I wrote four months ago.

Anyway, I'm not sure why there is no one complaining about how broken the Lying Down Mode is. I saw someone mention it in an unrelated thread (the thread was about something else, but he mentioned it). And that was over a month ago, and I haven't seen anyone else discuss it.

I created a thread on it, but it hasn't got any response from other users and no kudos. It's badly written though and I guess not enough people care about Lying Down Mode or something. Or maybe everyone is using a Stationary Boundary (I'm using a Roomscale Boundary).