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Level 4
Status: New Idea

Interactive "jukebox" object that can link directly to Spotify or Youtube Music and play your "free" content. Make two versions classic .45 look and 80s techno look (with lots of Neon fluxuating).


A few interactive 3D pets or companions. Give the home bar template (or whatever you call it) a bartender option that can move between things and offer you a series of drinks when you approach the bar. I mean, how cool would it be (for us Douglas Adams fans) to be offered a "Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster" or some Star Wars / Trek drink? Variations could go between scenarios. And he/she could be a wise-cracker or use classic "movie" quotes or something of that nature. Basically just setup a 3D routine that we could upload 3D avatars to do whatever so basic copyright laws aren't really messed with. Yeah, i know, people are greedy about that stuff.


I've seen "kids" on RecRoom do amazing things. Surely some industrial pros can pull of a few special effects. Oculus home hasn't really been improved since, what, late 2019 and i don't mean those cheezy free 3D passifications they throw to us to make us think it's "business as usual". The Oculus Home needs to grow a little. Maybe it needs to be rewritten in Unity? Either way, a LOT more could be done and places like Sinespace and VR Chat are leaving Oculus Home in the dust when it comes to interactivity. In all honest, Facebook buying Oculus (for the non-hot and new stuff) hasn't been a great improvement to the mainstay things like Home.


And no, i don't mean the one native to Quest 2, i mean the one you Air-Link over to in which you can get TONS of free 3D stuff (already) if you just use Google for 45 min and import it into the directory for new stuff. 


Home also needs new templates and the ones that have been side-loaded to Quest 2 could likely be reformatted to older Oculus Home and breathe new life into it for a short while until some new ideas get worked in.


How about some arcade machines that could link into Steam's arcade classics pack and each could have unique side art and it could "flash" into a game screen where you could use a bluetooth game controller to play or even hook a USB arcade extension in and really make it interesting.


And there, an "arcade" home template would be awesome. 


What about throwing in some classic card/board games so you (and friends) could play in VR? A man-cave template....are you kidding me?!? 


And really, most of this has already been "done" (at one place or another). All Oculus would have to do is input 3D objects that could "link" to already bought Steam games (in your own Steam library or even Oculus) the same way it allows you to launch VR games from the 3D existing game console.


Consoles, there's another possibility. That could turn Home into a MAJOR player and it could be worked out with Steam or some other company to use 3d cards that you could plug-in and use a bluetooth gamepad with.


Some 3D pets with 15-20 preprogrammed actions.


Folks....a bowling alley/arcade home......Oh man. I'm sure Oculus would want us to pay for it but, if it was made "well" enough....i would. Just keep the "creative" doors open so we can do our own stuff. Even if we could link something like "New Retro Arcade" to a portal, that would be kick-butt!


Home is capable of so much more but i would start with the 3D jukebox. It would get things started. And make it video/audio optional so people aren't wasting too much bandwidth on streaming videos if they are limited to satellite like i am currently.


I'm just's an idea. With all the stuff going on that amateurs are doing, Home could be SO much more.


I really hope this gets added in as a feature. I was kinda disappointed when I noticed there was nothing you could listen to music on in Oculus. 


Maybe we can also make it so that it's like the playstation feature; where you can play music over your games.

Level 3

I absolutely agree. The possibilities are endless.  

Level 4

Unfortunately, they don't read these posts (nobody who really has power to do anything). I spoke to some of the techs, not too long ago and one of them told me nobody even talks about it to their knowledge.