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Status: New Idea

This suggestion or Idea I've created Is something I'm not concerned about as to who gets the created for once it's submitted, as I'm truly and only concerned with this idea coming into fruition, I feel it will make both sides of the "must have a Facebook account" Quest Headset controversy happy. My idea is to create a Meta Quest Headset Facebook account specifically and only for the soul purpose of headset individuality and for Quest Headset content. These accounts will not have any of the regular features of a classic Facebook page account which is cluttered with personal information and so much other stuff not related to playing and enjoying the VR experience. This is why even though sales are ok sales would increase Exponentially if the potentially new Meta Quest headset customer the dedicated MQHFA is not a regular standard Facebook account. 

The MQHFA (Meta Quest Headset Facebook accounts), would and should have only dedicated Meta Quest happenings related to that headset. This dedicated Meta Quest Headset Facebook accounts will make it easier for a single person who purchases multiple Headsets to have better control for home grown multiple player VR parties,  thus avoiding having to play with uncouth, rowdy foul mouth disrespectful online participants who join the multi player experience. Now these Facebook Meta Headset accounts will allow one single person to have multiple MQHFA to allow each of his or her many headsets to have their own identity making it so much easier to have in house VR parties as opposed to the limitations and restrictions of adding multiple devices (Headsets), to one Facebook account. Now if a person has a regular Facebook account, these separate independent MQHFA if desired  added to a regular Facebook account for the continuity and convenience that will allow you to go to your individual Meta headset Facebook accounts in a snap. I'm strongly advocating this idea for all the reasons explained, but mainly for both sides of the fence potential new or old Meta Quest headset owners to be happy. You have no idea how many people I tried talking into purchasing a Meta Quest headset and they were enthusiastic to do so until I told them they'll have to get a Facebook account to use them and the disapproving face they would make along with the emphatic "No" coming with other words I can't repeat. Once people realize that this MQHFA is not about personal info, politics, people trying to be your friend you don't even know, also advertisements not related to VR gaming and all the other VR unrelated junk. I strongly believe people will join the Meta Quest world and not those other soon arriving competing VR Headset companies who will not have this forced Facebook joining controversy. Facebook please dont be stubborn, be innovative and great. B.Ham out and Thank you for checking my Suggestion / Idea out.