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Honored Guest
Status: New Idea

I would like to submit the following ideas to the developers for any of the Episode versions of Vader: Immortal.


-Instead of players being stuck "hopping forward" to locations that the software and hand unit driven user interface allows, there should be free and seemless motion with seamless 360 degree turning. This would include the ability to fall and die from great height, climb up and down steps and ramps, and to jump a certain height.


-There should be an option to turn English subtitles on and off, so that character speech information vital to the mission can be read and gained if Vader Immortal is being played on a VR headset in a noisy arcade, with lots of real world echoes and shouting.


-If there isn't already, there should be the ability to save a game to resume it again at that precise point and state of affairs.