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Status: New Idea

Perhaps in the future you can have a cell phone that can be transformed into virtual reality glasses, this would be useful because it would increase portability, and unlike the idea of ​​my previous publication, it would not be necessary to wear it on the forehead. Although it depends on the user's requirements.

Ahhh and I can't wait for the next 10 years, maybe these projects will have content that can be handled by motion.

Level 3

Technology has always evolved and never stood still. Today, the introduction of new technology simplifies many processes. It all depends on what process you want to simplify or automate.

Level 2

You are right. Technology does not stand still. And in different spheres. They are trying to automate all the processes now, which helps a lot in business development. For example, you can read an article about Cafе technology. This information interested me, because it can help in the development process.