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Status: New Idea

Ok, so.... I have been thinking a lot about Oculus and draws that I would absolutely love to play, and I have a few ideas. The first idea would be to make a virtual room where you can sit at the Disney Castle and watch the fireworks show or parade at Disney World... especially for people who are not nearby a Disney Park, this could be an amazing experience. My second idea is to make an Avatar game where you are an Avatar exploring Pandora and you have to learn to fly and become part of the Na'vi. As a huge fan of Avatar, feeling like I could step into that world would be life changing. Lastly, I would love to see a Stranger Things game where you can explore and go into the Upside Down. I have so many incredible conceptual ideas and I think the Oculus sales would be through the roof to experience Pandora, the Upside Down, or a magical fireworks show. I need this to happen!