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Status: New Idea



I am a heavy quest user and I noticed that using the pointer can become tiresome for your arm/hand/neck muscles. Especially if you’re not able to rest your wrist or arm onto something. This is why I always take the position where I am able to rest my hands. This way I can use the remote controls without getting muscle cramps in my hands and arms . But this also means that I often have to set my monitors lower than my actual eyesight if I sit up straight (which is neccecary to prevent muscle cramps). setting the monitor low is possible with virtual desktop and hopefully also with the private workplace of work rooms. So it would be super nice if you can change the angle of the remote controllers and the actual pointer. This way you can rest your remote controls and arms and hands the way you like without the need to set your monitor low. Now you have the best of both worlds. You can keep the monitor high and have a good eyesight and keep a straight back. And you can rest your hands and use the remote controls without problems. I would love to see this feature in the future.