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I ask why the sale of Meta Quest products in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is not supported? Apple has already understood that it will sell more products in the Czech Republic than, for example, in Finland, Sweden or Belgium, which you support by selling, and has included the Czech Republic in the first wave of sales. Why is it not possible to order Ocvulus Quest, for example in Poland, which you also support by selling. Could it be advantageous for you to supply the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and other Central European countries, for example centrally from Poland? After all, for example, DPVR sells from two stores throughout Europe and it is completely without problems. After starting my choice of a suitable VR headset for me, I first wanted to buy them in Europe from DPVR. As a result, I decided that Oculus Quest would be better thanks to support and overall expansion, but I found a problem with sales in the Czech Republic. Various resellers here Oculus Quest 2 in the 128 GB version sell for 400-490 EUR (+ 5 EUR postage), while the price directly from the official Oculus stores in Europe is 349 EUR (free postage). By the way, the German Oculus store (from where I could order) does not have any Oculus products for sale. Can you please change the sales situation in Eastern Europe for the benefit of customers?

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I had a conversation with one of Meta's support agents recently about the referral program. They said it's only available in """supported""" countries. I'm not from one of those, so are many many other oculus users.

Why on earth would you shoot yourself in the foot and geo-restrict it to """supported""" (read: considered worthy by the Meta overlords) countries only? It's an enticing feature for new owners who might end up actually spending some money on the digital store due to the gift, it urges peers to convince others to buy the quest for a small bonus, etc. Win-win for everyone.


Unlike actually shipping the headset, this is literally a button every support agent has that says "top-up client's balance with store credit", therefore clearly it costs nothing to implement for everyone, so why does this geo idiocy still even exist here?

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hello, I live in saudi arabia and recently my Oculus quest 2 right controller turned out to be faulty and unable to pair, I tried to replace it but unfortunately it only says it ships to the United States, is there any other way to get my controller fixed?