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I ask why the sale of Meta Quest products in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe is not supported? Apple has already understood that it will sell more products in the Czech Republic than, for example, in Finland, Sweden or Belgium, which you support by selling, and has included the Czech Republic in the first wave of sales. Why is it not possible to order Ocvulus Quest, for example in Poland, which you also support by selling. Could it be advantageous for you to supply the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Hungary and other Central European countries, for example centrally from Poland? After all, for example, DPVR sells from two stores throughout Europe and it is completely without problems. After starting my choice of a suitable VR headset for me, I first wanted to buy them in Europe from DPVR. As a result, I decided that Oculus Quest would be better thanks to support and overall expansion, but I found a problem with sales in the Czech Republic. Various resellers here Oculus Quest 2 in the 128 GB version sell for 400-490 EUR (+ 5 EUR postage), while the price directly from the official Oculus stores in Europe is 349 EUR (free postage). By the way, the German Oculus store (from where I could order) does not have any Oculus products for sale. Can you please change the sales situation in Eastern Europe for the benefit of customers?

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Oculus is missing a super huge market by ignoring INDIA, we have one of the fairly fast growing economy in world, super expensive smart phones like Galaxy S10 and Iphone X being sold like hot cake, Oculus Go and Quest are not expensive devices for their value for money. Oculus Must properly introduce VR Red-pill to india, I am more than happy to help as some what happy customer (some what since my rift does not have warranty or RMA support in my country while purchased from USA).
I recently purchased the Rift S through Amazon. Everything is working swell but it turns out that you don’t officially support my country so I can’t buy replacements of accessories directly from you only third party accessories via other means. This is a huge disappointment for me, I hope that you can expand your support to my county and perhaps neighboring countries in the region too!
Lithuania should be added to an Oculus list of supported countries
adding another regions we can buy the headset by the original price *399 dolars on the oculus website,because on amazon it costs *2000 dolars or more
I live in Latvia. Me, my family and my friends really want to buy the oculus , specifically oculus quest 2. I have spent over 12 hours searching for a place to buy it other than the official website. We havent found really any shops. Well, there were some shops but most of them sell used oculuses or oculuses that cost twice the price. Ebay also sells them, but ebay is a dangerous place to buy because of scammers and people selling broken items. So our recommendation would be adding Latvia to the supported country list. My fellow Latvians would be happy, and also you would get benefits such as : Getting more money from us buying your oculuses and becoming more popular. I dont know much about buisness but i suppose that would be true. Please add Latvia to your oculus supported countries, it would mean so so much! Thanks for reading.
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I wanted to buy Oculus Quest 2 but there's no store that sale Oculus devices, Also it's not in the turkey amazon, now I need to pay 150$ more just for the shipping & the import fee, if you can help me with where I can find it with a better price I'll be really appreciated.

India has no official support to purchase oculus products…
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People from this country can buy oculus headsets only from local stores but they are not able to get a replacement ? Oculus should add these countries. It will make it all easier, and u will not need a middleman from a supported country to send it from the supported country to you. UNFAIR. We are not able to get a replacement for a facial interface, official article is saying, the oculus will give a replacement for FREE and Globally, but such global when you can't get it because your country isn't supported ... article: (
I want to buy oculus quest 2 but unfortunately my country and African countries are exempted from the list of the supported shipping countries Please my suggestion for is to expand your scope to world wide if possible because many people are interested in the device. Thank you
Hi. Please i want to remind you about my request to oculus. I want to buy this oculus but it is very expensive on other retailers like Amazon and aliexpress the double three times compared to your price over $500. Just a shipping fee over $250. I'm critically in need of this oculus but exempted my country from the supported shipping countries, my country which is Nigeria. please help me resolve the issue. Thank you I will be happy if attention is being granted to this my consecutive request to oculus. Because i have been contacting you several times before.