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Honored Guest
Status: New Idea
The topic is: I think the accessories on the front need improvement.
Please ask the accessory production team to produce it. 
I used a lot of different accessories while using MetaQuest 2, but the photo accessory below was the most convenient.


This is the method I usually use.
1. When playing sports or active games, cover all front cushions.
2. When doing office work or sitting for long periods of time playing MetaQuest 3, use it as shown in the picture below.
(Then it's super comfortable, you don't get hot and stuffy, and you don't get motion sickness.)


The downside to all VR machines is that they cause motion sickness. So, I used the head strap accessory I am currently using with the front side in the format below.

I am currently living in Korea, and I often suffered from motion sickness in the past. But now I don't get motion sickness. Motion sickness is made worse when you press on the front, as it puts pressure on the cheekbones under the eyes. I feel frustrated in small spaces.


The photo you see is of the Pico 4 product. This product is available on overseas shopping sites, but it is not available for MetaQuest 3.
The downside to the product shown in the photo above is that the viewpoint will continue to change when the front is worn.
To secure this, remove the second circled part in the photo and attach and detach the right, left, and bottom parts in the form of rubber.
Excluding the forehead part of the existing front accessory, the solution would be if the rest of the lower part were removable in the form of rubber.
If a product is made according to this idea,
1.Improvement of motion sickness
2. I don’t feel the heat.
3. Can be worn for long periods of time even when doing personal office work or writing documents.
4. This problem can be improved because everyone in the world has different faces.