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Level 2
Status: Completed
The Oculus Rift S cable can get kinked or knotted badly. I believe it would be helpful if Oculus starts selling replacement cables.
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This issue is what brought me to this page. I'm constantly fighting with my cable and the tension it develops over time is very noticeable. I would especially appreciate and would be willing to pay for a braided cable.
Level 2
I need a DPmini male to DP female cable for my laptop. My USB is next my DPmini, my Oculus Rift s is in my hands and my tears on my face.
Level 4
I agree .. a much HIGHER quality cable for sale would ease my worry about it biting it.. and leaving me to buy a WHOLE new UNIT to access my VR library again.
Level 2
Agreed! The product should be supported atleast for a few years. Replacement parts should be available for sale if it no longer can be replaced.
Level 2
Please continue to sell these replacement cable. As a long time supporter of the Oculus I find it highly irresponsible to cease support for a product which you were selling just 6 months prior. I will be avoiding all Oculus hardware, cease purchases on the Oculus store, and recommending others do the same if this is not rectified in a timely manner.
Level 2
Aren't all oculus rift s still protected by the one year warranty?
Level 2
Where does one find an Oculus Rift Replacement cord since the website no longer seems to have them for sale? When has ignoring your loyal customers is considered good business practices?
Level 4
They will fix them under warranty, why do we need this?
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DONE. Replacements cords are on the Oculus website available for purchase.
Level 2
I misplaced my mDP to DP adapter and am on the road now. I would like to continue developing my Oculus Rift S -based applications and have a replacement cable shipped to my current location. However the customer rep, helpful as they were, said they could only ship it to the country to where I bought it from. 1. Why is it not possible to ship to a different location? 2. Why can't I just buy a replacement cable, i may even want a backup.