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AND A BUG first off i was wondering if it was possible to, in Oculus phone mobile app, after buying a game in said app, have a page where it tells how long approximately the download has left, and get a popup notification on the phone, that way when we buy something at home, we don't have to keep popping in and out of the headset to see if our new game is finished downloading, and when we buy something while out and about away from the headset, we know it's done and we can jump in when we get home, heck the "app is done downloading to your Quest" notification alone"it would be a very nice quality of life improvement, thanks for all your hard work. on to the bug if you didn't find it already and are working on it something is wrong or wierd with the oculus built in talk to friends system, it seems to override any Microphone related apps (be it rec room, VRchat or whatever" making it so you can't talk in the game with the people in front of you only the ones in the call, also it causes the issue even after stopping the call, only way i found to fix it for now seems to be powering off and on totally again, had more than one friend get the issue even when they weren't doing the call with me, thanks again for all your hard work"