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Spanish is the second most used language in the world. Translate all the content of the Oculus Store into Spanish is the best way to grow up Oculus.
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Hay algún enlace para votar?



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I want to now why all not see for quality game for oculus quest is very bad i hob if oculus company update the game for good experience and I have one game I want ask why still not available in THE VR game name is YU-GI-OH Dule monsters i hob to see this game in store oculus 

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I have athor i dea please update oculus for using Arabic language  please 

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Level 2

I think to remember that English and Chinese are the most common languages in the world?!?

And then there are some languages like french, german, spanish, italian, ?


Beside: I would prefer to have an option to choose the language for each app instead just one for all.

For example: King Spray Graffiti has a very poor translation to german (save - "sparen" instead of "speichern") and I would prefer to play it in english at all.



Level 4

Enough nonsense. They wanted you Spanish. Well, I want it in Bulgarian, so what? For starters, this is something that is up to the game developers and has absolutely nothing to do with the helmet manufacturer. Regarding the games, it is best to stop this, at least to put the captions in coded and compressed versions, but to be in an accessible form so that any language that is not the main one can be put. There are about 6,000 languages in the world, but even partial support is a handful at best.

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