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I am a professional sailor and work on ships in rough seas. I have both a quest 2 and 3 and have had for several years. I could only ever use them on the few times we were in port because the tracking went haywire when the ships rocked and rolled.
I recently updated them and tried the ‘Travel Mode’ in experimental features.

It is truly awesome. I have used and tested all my games at sea in rough conditions when the ship was bouncing randomly and violently. The games all had rock solid tracking throughout, even in ‘laying down mode’.

This is a game changer for me and my colleagues in this industry. Now there is a little virtual escape from the months confined onboard to a shared cabin with only endless horizons for company.

Along with Starlink internet we have now opened up a little more of the world than just a porthole and the 20 odd crew members we share these work journeys with. This is a game changer for me and my colleagues and I know several who have already ordered a headset for this reason.

Please move this from experimental to permanent features as soon as possible, and don’t change anything, it works great. You should make a commercial showing how it can be used at sea, I’m sure a great many sailors would appreciate it. Not only for games but to be able to lay and watch Netflix or Amazon Prime, and hopefully soon Disney+.

Thank you developers, I just wanted you to know your work is appreciated and works better than just a simple airplane mode.


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That’s awesome to hear that NOW we can use the Oculus Quest aboard ships!!! I had the Quest 1, brought it aboard my ship, and realized that it was IMPOSSIBLE to use in rough seas!!! From that point on, I decided NOT to bring it with me aboard ships anymore. Based on your experience, I am now considering buying the Quest 3 to bring back onboard ships 🙂 Travel mode sounds like a GAME-CHANGER for us mariners!