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Status: New Idea

There should be a way to stream directly to Twitch from your Oculus. Just how you can from a PS4. I think that'd be cool for anyone wanting to stream anything without a good PC. πŸ™‚

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We're always interested in ways that we can improve the Oculus experience. The best place to bring your suggestions would be here

Hi @FluffyRDX 

have you seen this: Easiest Way To Livestream Oculus Quest 2 On Twitch & Facebook In HD - YouTube


It's not as streamlined as having a broadcast option like the PS has, or if Twitch were to make an app for the Quest, but at least it's a way to do it.


Does it require a PC??

hmmm ignore my last post @FluffyRDX , sorry that was Streamlabs for PC.


There is a version for Android and iOS though and there's probably a YouTube tutorial on those too.


So for non-PC streaming, I'm testing on my tablet and phone.

Unfortunately my tablet is an old Sony Android which still works great but Sony haven't updated to Android 5 so I can't cast from the Quest 2 to it. My iphone is also pretty old and is glitching out when trying to stream, giving connection speed errors. You may have more luck!


Anyway, the idea is that you cast to your Oculus app, then stream the screen (and optional mic sound) to Twitch (or YouTube etc) using the Streamlabs app. It looks like this may work but I'm being let down by my old devices.... or it's just not possible to cast and stream at the same time.


It would be great if other forum members could test this please.