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Status: New Idea

The PCVR link software/GUI has been the same since the days of the Rift. With all the improvements and updates to the native Quest interface, the PC link/AirLink software has been massively left behind. It's missing basic features like switching app/party chat, the chat is quiet unless you start a party before launching link etc. It's dated and still has Oculus branding and it's about time this software was brought up to date and in line with the improvements made to the native headset firmware. It makes putting all the work into AirLink worthless if the software supporting it is so out of date. Please rectify this asap.

EDIT: I have read that moving forward the plan is for Quest PCVR users to eventually manage their PC apps from within the native Quest environment, rather than continuing to switch to the PC Oculus Home. If this is the case then this would be the most ideal method. I sincerely hope this is in the pipeline.

EDIT 2: With VR Air Bridge making its appearance, there's no excuse not to improve the software/interface that runs it!