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Status: New Idea
Hello there, under the direction of Rodney from the support team, I was asked to send this information to this specific forum. After the recent meta quest update, I was experiencing random dropouts and crashes whenever I was using the oculus link (wired specifically). After doing some testing I appear to have discovered a unique issue. The crashes were happening whenever the system was using a USB system that was lower in spec than USB 3.2 gen 2. The issues started with any USB ports at USB 3.2 or lower on both type-C and type-A. But any cables that were connected to ports that have USB 3.2 gen 2 and up were fine.
The quest update that removed the Facebook login requirements seems to have raised the bar on the minimum required data rate to sustain the proper connection. Before, USB 3.2 flat could sustain the proper connection, but now that doesn't seem to be the case. Not even Samsung super speed 3.2 ports appear to be sufficient anymore. One of my coworkers aggressively didn't update their quest 2 to the meta quest update. And it was able to connect and work without issue using USB 3.2 flat. I currently use a PCI-E card that has USB 3.2 gen 2 ports with my headset and I haven't hit a single crash since adding this to my PC. One of the proposed theories to explain this is there were a lot of things changed in the rendering engine for update v46. Perhaps something inside this update raised the bar inadvertently.  For better compatibility, this could be something to look into.