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Status: New Idea

Instead of cluttering up the default "All Apps" view with GREYED OUT apps (as they are uninstalled), I suggest that upon uninstalling an app, it get REMOVED from the list of "All Apps" at the top, and INSTEAD placed into its own dedicated section in the SIDE BAR called "Purchase History" or something of the sort, where there is PLENTY of SPACE, and where uninstalled apps will NOT interfere with my default VIEW of "All Apps"...

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this has been an issue for YEARS now. I'm just coping here but I think that the reason they couldn't is because when they tried to add this feature, the launcher somehow gets messed up due to how complex the coding is. I would love to be proven wrong by Meta tho 


I'd love to have app removal and a way to just lock people (kids) from purchasing free apps in the first place. That's what most of these apps I want permanently removed are, having to lock each and every one of them after they've been downloaded (without my permission) is like my own personal arms race. I want to encourage educators to buy these in manageable quantities for school use, but without this feature I can't in good faith recommend them without adding this deal-breaking caveat. 

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I am fine with the fact, that uninstalled games show up in the library list - it should include all the apps, installed and uninstalled that user owns. However, there are some cases like demos, where you don't want just uninstall, but totally remove from the library and that should be separate option. So I am not confortable with automatically removing app once uninstalled, but rather some new function like "permanently remove" or something that nobody can be mistaken what it does, but helps with those "demo" cases a lot.


@Zaki81 - I totally agree with you that it should be your choice to completely remove them or just archive an app for storage reasons. I'll sincerely add, for META's sake, that it shouldn't be an issue if someone does completely remove something, because purchased apps should not be removed completely from your online account, just the device. Thank you @Zaki81 for your keen insight and adding to our collective voice on this thread with META.

(With respect, this coming frustrated statement is really for the folks at META, not directed at you.) I can remove audible books from my phone and not give up ownership. I can remove iPad apps from my tablet and they remain part of my apple account for me to download again at my discretion. If my purchased apps exist on my META account, removing them completely from my device and choosing to install them again later should not be an issue as evidenced by every major and similar device out there. Additionally, on other devices I can keep the ability to add apps, even free apps and demos, locked with a passcode so my student/kids can't download anything without permission. It would be terrific if META would add this type of functionality and personalization. 


There really isn't an excuse not to be able to remove apps (especially demos or trials).  The Meta Quest is, after all, an Android device.  If Google can do it then why can't (or won't) Meta?

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I'm really regretting downloading all those demos now that I know they will be in my apps list forever. This seems like such a basic feature.


sorry i have to ask but how is this different from leaving you app library settings permanently at INSTALLED