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Status: New Idea

Instead of cluttering up the default "All Apps" view with GREYED OUT apps (as they are uninstalled), I suggest that upon uninstalling an app, it get REMOVED from the list of "All Apps" at the top, and INSTEAD placed into its own dedicated section in the SIDE BAR called "Purchase History" or something of the sort, where there is PLENTY of SPACE, and where uninstalled apps will NOT interfere with my default VIEW of "All Apps"...

Honored Guest

Meta is ignorant to this issue, been a couple years and they cannot make this basic functionality.  Sad.


Totally. This is SOOOOO BASIC. Like any junior developer could fix this in a day and they still haven't fix it in YEARS. I cannot understand how meta developers are so bad for UI.


I would like them to go a step further and allow us to manage our own apps into folders which could be added to the new left side of the App Drawer.

We should also most certainly be allowed to remove unwanted apps from the App Drawer also. It’s a complete mess and has been for years!

Honored Guest

Totally agree.

Not being able to remove demos or not having the uninstalled apps stored in a particular place is so annoying.
It's a so easy to do and common thing, we should not even have to ask for that.

Meta, please do something for that!


For some unknown reason, Meta has ignored any idea related to app management. This idea has been actively requested for over 3 years:

All they do is merge newer requests into the same thread. As a way to hide it or, ironically, to unclutter the idea forum. 

Meanwhile, I still have demos of games I bought years ago cluttering my app library.