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Honored Guest
Status: Unspecified
I am an award-winning screenwriter who recently penned a screenplay intended for IMAX. While professional reviewers marveled at the uniqueness of the content I created, with the current state of theaters due to the pandemic, they suggested I pitch it to FB for Oculus; hardware I've long since supported. I would like to develop a specific type of cinematic environment that has yet to be experienced with this type of technology, and provide unrivaled content to [exponentially] get VR into the general conversation. I have directing experience, and, for what it's worth, have studied game theory my entire life. With your support, we could produce a "proof of concept" of the script for the Oculus system, and if/when it proves successful, continue to build upon this style of content. I can provide the multiple sources of professional feedback and the screenplay itself upon request. Thank you for your time.