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Status: New Idea

The web browser is the biggest productivity issue leading to use or disuse of my oculus. My wife and my friends and people online all have a similar issue. First, others and I are noticing the constant urge to click the home button and use the web browser when using other apps but cannot. When you use an application, they always ask you to verify your email. But you cannot. You have to exit the application and start all over if you verify on home browser. Thus, you have to take off your headset and use your phone or pc to check the email and verify the account. This can be annoying to many and break immersion or even ruin workflow. The meta browser is unparalleled by almost every application and the firefox webbrowser as the only one with extensions was discontinued. This means users have huge demand to use the oculus web browser. If you could use an app or even a game like Zenith and use the oculus web browser to find quest tutorials or use vSpatial and program from remote desktop and use the oculus web browser it would improve workflow and bring a large percentage back to working in VR. Being able to open multiple tabs in your head is what VR brings to life and MetaQuest has done an amazing job. As a shareholder myself who increased holdings in this amazing company, I hope this suggestion can boost an amazing product and improve sales of shares and oculus headsets. Thanks!