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Status: New Idea

I’d like there to be a way to engage a partial pass through mode universally. I’d like to be able to blend my real physical space with the virtual space in any app that I’m using whether or not the app has integrated MR. This would be useful for people who need to interact or be aware of the people and the space around them while in VR. I’d like to be able to play musical instruments in VR, and right now there is no social VR app that has implemented a partial pass through to enable a musician to see their musical instruments while also in VR.


It looks like Meta has done some experimenting with this as seen in this example.


In that example it was from bottom to top with full on or off. If Meta does implement this, I hope there will be different modes like one that’s similar to that when you get to the edge of your guardian boundary that’s like an overall crossfade, and then another where you have a sphere around you that’s real that fades outward to the VR world, and perhaps one that’s like the Apple Vision Pro where VR is at center and fades  to MR left and right in a circle around you.


With the incredible pass through quality of Quest 3 this feature would be very useful.

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Check this one out.
It is using Virtual Desktop and Reality Mixer in Steam.
I would like to see this built into the Quest 3 Link natively as I use MSFS 2020 non steam version and I have full dash/control panel with Yoke and Throttle quadrant for my sim.