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I just noticed last night when I went through to change the "StoreAssets" for a few of my Steam Games and the Doom 3 BFG Mod that they do not show right in the new 2.0 home desktop app. The "cover_landscape_image.png" doesn't seem to be used it seems to use one of the square images as it is zoomed in ie the top edge of DOOM is cut off as well as the Project Cars logo the top of the silhouettes head gets cut off. After poking around in the other asset folders for Oculus store games they all seems to have a "cover_landscape_image_large.png" now but adding a image with the same name doesn't fix it because when I check an Unknown Source games Manifest "*_asset.json" file they have no reference for a "cover_landscape_image_large.png" at all and there for will not load the added image that should allow it to display properly.
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I second this request. Third party apps do not use the same image creation rules, as Oculus obtained apps. "cover_landscape_image.png" is not used by Desktop app, instead "cover_square_image.jpg" is used, which means that all third party app icons are misaligned. If you replace "cover_square_image.jpg" with "cover_landscape_image.png", the Desktop app icons for third party apps are once again aligned, however, square icons used in the Oculus menu whilst gaming are misaligned. If the icon naming rules of third party apps are replaced by the standard Oculus icon naming rules, this issue will easily be fixed. Should be a no brainer.