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Good day @MetaQuestSupport,


I am going to post the letter below that details my daughters ideas. She will truly appreciate it receiving a response and kept into consideration. 

"Hello Meta Quest, my name is Kay’Lee Williams,


I like to play my VR Meta Quest 2 and I play on my dad's account. I wanted you guys to ask the creators of “Skybound” “Skydance,” and “Unreal Engines” to update the WALKING DEAD: RETRIBUTION game. Here are the ideas I am going to tell you guys to add for the update. The first one is about armor, whenever you shoot the tower soldier and they die you can take its armor and to take it off is easy. First, you gotta pull it off and unstrap the straps for the arms. For the axeman's armor is easy when you shoot him you can take his mask and repair it at the resting place. To take the axeman’s armor you can slide his armor off and the same for the armored pants and shoes. The next one is weapons, when the axeman asked to shoot him he would drop his ax, and I want that to be a weapon and unbreakable. The next weapon is a flame thrower, a Glock 17, then also an AK 47. The next one is the crafting stations so the armor crafting station will be in the weaponry inside the tourist base, there will also be an armor stand inside the weaponry. The next one is the body, so when you're playing the game as your tourist you will be able to have a full body and you can walk around with the legs and be able to see yourself wearing the armor. Now back to weapons add the cutout content weapons like the Rambo knives and the two-handed chainsaw. Also, the professor ax and you can find all those weapons when you unlock the door with the key when you defeat the axeman. Lastly, there will be animals in the game there are only two animals and it is a dog, and a tortoise. You can find them anywhere you can pick the tortoise up too, and you can train those animals to fight and you can also make armor for them. And that's what I want you guys to add for the update AND DO NOT DENY or I will be sad I’m a 9-year-old and my parents supervised me. 



Kay’Lee Williams

Parent supervisor: Kenneth Williams (Father)