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Level 3
Status: Unspecified
I know the Netflix app essentially was a pet project of John Carmack and it was really great on GearVR at the time. Now it looks like a neglected child and need an upgrade to match the wonderful new hardware of the Quest 2. Please talk to the concerned parties (Netflix?). And John, if you´re seeing this: Blow some magic coding dust its way. Please? Wishlist by order of priority: *Update the streams to HD-material - 480p doesn´t look good. (never really did, but now it looks horrendous) *Update textures in the enviroment (gives us more enviroments?), Passthrough as background? *Ability to watch together with a friend or two. *Ability to download videos to the device. *Give some love to Void Theatre and let us choose backdrops, color schemes or even passthrough + some more control on curvature of the screen. *Maybe integrate it as an Oculus-TV-app?
Level 3

Totally agree with what last comment said. There is no reason to build an environment or an app just for Netflix 2D resources. Watch high-resolution on default browser should be better. 

Level 3

Thats something you need to talk to netflix about. Best way to get heard is to contact netflix customer support .

Level 2

If Netflix allows us to watch 3d movies - I'll never stand up from my bed.🤗

Level 2

AAaaaand still the same status... please please please update this app.