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I know the Netflix app essentially was a pet project of John Carmack and it was really great on GearVR at the time. Now it looks like a neglected child and need an upgrade to match the wonderful new hardware of the Quest 2. Please talk to the concerned parties (Netflix?). And John, if you´re seeing this: Blow some magic coding dust its way. Please? Wishlist by order of priority: *Update the streams to HD-material - 480p doesn´t look good. (never really did, but now it looks horrendous) *Update textures in the enviroment (gives us more enviroments?), Passthrough as background? *Ability to watch together with a friend or two. *Ability to download videos to the device. *Give some love to Void Theatre and let us choose backdrops, color schemes or even passthrough + some more control on curvature of the screen. *Maybe integrate it as an Oculus-TV-app?

It's a shame that this application still seems from the last decade, I hope they update it soon!


Please update Netflix and Prime to 4K resolution !!!


So I spoke to a representative at Netflix. Informed me that if people want changes made to the app, they need to Contact Netflix through the website. Speak with a representative and let them know what they want Changed within the app. Otherwise they're not going to waste their time with it.


This is a tragedy, honestly. For this device which is in part designed for media consumption, not having made a deal with one of the largest media streaming services in existence, Netflix, to allow their browser to access their catalog is just tragic. I am very excited for the future of virtual reality, but if we cannot get simple things like this right then Meta's attempt at being the leader in this space is simply doomed. Just call Netflix, call them and ask them to take the basic necessary steps to enable their website to be usable in the quest browser. It cannot possibly be very complicated.


Hello all, things we can do to make our voice heard, and hope to make things change:
- contact Netflix support

- give a one-star rating and comment here:

- give a one-star rating and comment here:

- give kudos and comment here:

Let's go!



This is some real timing you got with your comment. TODAY Meta announced that Netflix in HD will be available through their browser. 

So I guess this old thread can now finally and peacefully go to sleep //OP

More on the announcement here:


Yes, today  netflix is working in HD on meta browser !