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Level 4
Status: Unspecified
I understand the desire for a new controller, and something like the thumb rest that was missing before is a nice addition. However very many users like the quest 1 controllers more. This includes: 1. users with smaller hands. My partner for example has trouble reaching the upper buttons (B/Y) without having to readjust her hand on the controller. 2. for some games, the quest 1 controller is a lot more comfortable. Names: for Eleven Table Tennis. 3. continuing for Eleven Table tennis: there is a very active controller adapter community that has created various 3d printable and otherwise paddle adapters for the controllers. Unfortunately, the quest 2 controller is considerably heavier for this purpose. So much so that people are looking into cutting weight by using ultra light AAA batteries in ultra light AA battery casings, removing the strap, removing the battery lid..etc. 4. Some people like the haptics of the quest 1 controllers. As far as I understand, this should be nothing more than a software update. So, please provide a way for quest 2 users to use quest 1 controllers.
Level 2
I definitely find the Q1 controllers more comfortable. I love the run time of the Q2 but that's about it.
Level 2
Totally agree. Quest 1 controllers some how just felt less intrusive on the VR experience.
Level 2
These new controllers are huge and extremely difficult to use for people with smaller hands. My hands are average for a woman, not particularly small, and my adult sons find them uncomfortable, too. They are totally immersion breaking because I'm dropping them constantly or my hands cramp after a few minutes and I'm always struggling to reach the buttons. This isn't a problem with the older controllers. PLEASE enable the older controllers or offer an alternate version for the Quest 2 and make them available for separate purchase, plus the OP was right the haptics are way better on the old one. So far we feel like the Quest 2 has been a total waste for us, since there's not much you can do without controllers, but that could be 100% fixed by alternate controllers!
Level 3
The Quest 2 controllers are TERRIBLE! And I don't think they're too large, they're just a POOR DESIGN. They get larger towards the top to provide a rounded look for the circular pad with the buttons, which is unnecessary. I have to wrap my fingers around the top ring to hold onto the stupid things when I play Beat Saber! I HATE the Quest 2!
Level 3
Touch V2 was much preferable to Touch V3 for quite a few applications, especially in games like Beat Saber where better wrist movement and different grips of the controllers are considered heavily in competitive play. It's quite unfortunate having to use the heavier, less comfortable controllers for Beat Saber and similar fitness apps.
Level 4
Level 5
Please Oculus. I have lots of accessoires for the Quest 1 controllers which I can't use with my Quest 2 headset. This doesn't seem like a hardware issue, just a little software update will do.
Level 2
Legit my only major complaint about the quest 2 so far has been the controllers, I much prefer the quest 1, especially for beat saber, the quest 2 controllers are sooo bad for playing beat saber, only comfortable grip is the regular grip(bad IMO) and a claw grip with 3 fingers through the loop (which for me is not good)
Level 2
this would be amazing ]