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Status: Declined
Remove the ban for Virtual Desktops steam VR WiFi support ! This feature is the best feature since the launch of the Quest and WE WANT IT !
Honored Guest
this is a HUGE letdown i was a loyal customer... now i want to leave the ship... sincerely if you guys still do this...********
Honored Guest
Still got 13 days left on my return policy. Quest will be returned before it's up if this decision stands.
Honored Guest
Such a wrong, hungry move.Being able to use SteamVR was the main reason to want a Quest for me. I was literally about to order a Quest when I heard this news. Now they lost me and my familly. Also as a tech influencer, I will tell about this to anyone who asks a recommendation from me. At this point we know that Oculus fails their previous platforms with every new platform too. This was the fastest fail of them.
Honored Guest
Expert Protege
Please do not close the doors for us power users. We are your loyal fan base.
Honored Guest
Seriously guys, stop being greedy. Pls let VR wifi stay as an option
Honored Guest
I don't have the Quest yet, was planning on getting it. But I can't support this kind of lockdown. I'm really thankful Oculus has put VR in the hands of so many and made it affordable but I'm not happy with the closed ecosystem mimicking legacy gaming devices and fashion computers (Apple). This isn't the direction VR needs to be headed.
Honored Guest
This is very disappointing to hear! I own a rift S and was looking to get a quest but these types of actions will make me look elsewhere
Honored Guest
It is things like this that drive consumers elsewhere. I have the CV1, Go and Quest however I am very selective about what I purchase on the Oculus stores. This is because Oculus prevent other hardware from connecting natively to their store. Why would I risk purchasing an app or game on a storefront that is tied in to that manufacturer? I'm sure I'm not alone in my views. This is another example of complete madness, where they are deliberately attempting to lock you into their storefront and for me that is unacceptable. They offer no alternative and waste the developers time and lose consumer confidence at the same time. Same on you Oculus.
Honored Guest
This just stops me from spending more money on Oculus games on Steam, investing in a new PC graphics card, and potentially buying a PCVR headset. The Quest could be gateway device into a bigger VR ecosystem - let users explore what’s possible. Actions like this just slow the adoption of mainstream VR.