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Status: Declined
Remove the ban for Virtual Desktops steam VR WiFi support ! This feature is the best feature since the launch of the Quest and WE WANT IT !
Honored Guest
Dont be known as a failed brand coz you got too greedy, oculus.
This brought Quest graphics and capability beyond just the pathetic Quest store. Why would FB want to go back to pathetic? Obviously local games are better, but you will never get Obduction onto the Quest. It's not going to hurt game sales at all, but it will improve Quest sales for sure.
Stop harassing them over this stupid feature and deal with what we have you idiotic steam fanboys!
Honored Guest
Richard Stallman was right again. Look at all of us divided and helpless users begging to be uncucked.
Honored Guest
oculus screws up yet again. quit removing functionality from your headsets!
Honored Guest
I agree this feature is great. I think both can exist. The quest version is for when I'm offline/not at home. The desktop version is for when developers won't port a game. People already but multiple versions of the same app. I have a few titles on both switch and PC. I like switch cause it's mobile. I think the same thing for quest. Maybe you should let the developer keep this feature?
Honored Guest
This seems a poorly thought out decision and does make one wonder what will be removed in the future? It will certainly make me think twice about getting a Quest in the future to go with my 2 current Oculus HMDs
Honored Guest
Please reinstate Virtual Desktop’s streaming capability. We’ve seen it’s possible, and you’re showing your greed by punishing a dev AND your customers with this decision. Don’t act like Epic games - be better - your customers will reward you in the long run.
Honored Guest
This feature is a system seller for me. The Quest store has very little lengthy content and streaming pcvr games is the only way for the Quest to remain viable at least in the short term
Honored Guest
Please fix or I'll be returning the quest.